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Disagree on point one.

Everton's squad is small and lacks quality in midfield. If they lose Jelavic or Fellaini through injury or transfer, they'll be screwed. They've also had a ridiculously easy start to the season fixture wise. No chance they finish top 4.

Agree on point two.

Berbatov and Ruiz, as mentioned, are wonderfully elegant players who make the game look effortless. Great to watch.

Agree on point three.

City will win that league, and their will to win added to the fact they have by far the best starting 11, and squad, in the league is the reason why.

Agree on point four.

He's run his race, he's failed. Harry Redknapp is cleaning the windows of his career in preparation for his first interview.

Agree on point five.

Point made about Van Nistelrooy holds not water. RVN was scoring 25 a season at the time and United had a great defence. This Chelsea team doesn't have a great defense and Nando will lucky to get 15 this season.

Point about Barca is ridiculous. They have Messi scoring 50 a season, Hazard, Mata and Oscar won't score that between them. And I'm not sure what Spain have to do with anything, winning an international tournament bares no comparison with the league title. Chelsea might win the FA Cup without another striker, but not the title.

Even if they get another striker, they won't win the title. City are two strong and have better players everywhere, and for all the hype about Mata-Oscar-Hazard, Silva-Nasri-Aguero are superior.

Dimmy B

You've agreed wth me on all but the QPR one.

Like I say, any other club and I think Hughes is a goner. But the chairman has backed him on a weekly basis, he'll get a bit more time to turn it around.


Chelsea can play Mata in front if necessary. Remember they have plenty of options on the left side with Bertrand, Marin and Moses apart from the mentioned Mata, so moving him up front wouldn't leave a "gap".

Yes, I know he plays on the right now, but I think Di Matteo should revert back to crossing in from the byline instead of moving back and crossing from the edge of the box... It seems things went south once they started doing that.

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