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Joss Ackland

So you write: " The FA has shown in the past they will not hesitate to charge a player for off the ball violent conduct..."

...followed in the VERY NEXT LINE with, "They proved that last year when they banned the Italian Mario Baloteli for a stamp on England’s Scott Parker (the same game where the Englishman Jolean Lescott got no retrospective punishment for forearm smashing France’s Younes Kaboul…)."

So, you've just contradicted your self. Clearly in Lescott's case they DID hesitate, didn't they?

Next you come up with: "Evans stressed that referee selections were made 6 weeks in advance and thus Foy’s League 2 assignment had nothing to do with his United performance... I found this strange: if this is true, why are assignments only announced the Monday before games?"

Perhaps it's nothing more sinister than ensuring that referees aren't ill or injured after the penultimate game before their next assignment? Any professional organisation will allow themselves a degree of leeway over appointments of this kind for the circumstances described.

You also seem to have a problem with the Chief Exec of the country's biggest and most globally prominent club being appointed to the FA and, so you suggest, UEFA. Do you want the Premier League to have clout in UEFA or not?

Or shall we put up John W Henry who has been at Liverpool five minutes and knows nothing about the game? Or maybe Delia Smith from Norwich? Maybe she could just get pissed and tell Michel Platini 'Let's be 'avin you!" ?

The rest of your screed is just sheer conspiracy theorising absent anything approaching like evidence. Yes you had an alleged 75,000 readers for your two previous posts.

There are millions who believe 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy against the Arab world.

There are billions who believe that various holy texts are historically accurate documents.

It doesn't make any of those things true either, anymore than the Liverpool Bootroom was a Mafia-style set up with each capo di tutti capi becoming the new 'Don' when the time was right. See how easy it is to make bollocks up?

Clearly, those at Liverpool FC will lap your nonsense up, but there again they originate plenty of their own nonsense like this so they're probably just happy for the helping hand.

Still, at least you're living up to your name of Dim. I'd suggest the addition of the word 'very' in front of it in future.

Jevon Lfc

Refs should be drawn for Premier League games under a lottery type ball dropping system. Nuff said.

Having Gill on the board at ALL considering the rub of the green that Manchester United have been getting for years now, is utterly a conflict of interest.

Get rid. Now.

Tom Prickett (Spurs fan)

There are 1 or 2 minor contradictions in this one, but if Joss can't see that having a CEO of one of the country's biggest clubs as head honcho at the FA is a major conflict of interest then he's blinded either by ignorance or loyalty to Utd.

Whether there is any truth behind the conspiracy theories is actually not the biggest issue - the issue is that nobody in the media is prepared to disprove the theory by actually investigating. The only journo to address the subject was Tony Evans and his argument has been picked apart by Nadim with reference the Premier League's own website.

That failure/refusal to properly investigate on the part of the media only adds weight to the theory.

Joss Ackland

@Tom Prickett

Why is it a conflict of interest? Gill would be v/c of the FA, not the PL which Dim in his tin foil hat believes United has all this influence over. It's hardly unusual for club chairmen to rech the upper echelons of the FA is it?

Why is it a problem for Gill to be there when it seemingly isn't a problem for City's ex-chairman,David Bernstein, to be current chairman of the FA? Or for David Dein to have been in the role that, allegedly, Gill is going to be appointed to? Or when Noel White, Liverpool's then chairman, sat on the FA's International committee in the 1990s?

So arguably, United have succeeded DESPITE having rival clubs chairmen in the upper echelons of the FA. Hardly fits VeryDim's narrative does it?

The problem with VeryDim and you is that clearly you have no historical perspective. VeryDim admits as much seeing as he has only been following English football since 1986.

So, in short, his conclusions about United having some hold over the FA and referees is, at best, laughable once a bit of perspective is introduced.

Perhaps, in turn, this is why there is no 'investigation' required - there is nothing to investigate!

Do you honestly think that in this day and age some grand conspiracy such as this could be kept a secret?

And what of Liverpool's success in the 70s and 80s? This, after all, was a blip in the otherwise mediocre history of the club (United on reaching 17 titles became the 'winningest' league side post WW2) which in and of itself could be the cause of conspiracy theorising if one were minded to do so.

However, I choose to believe that during that period, Liverpool had a stable management structure and a bloody good side, end of story. Only some nark with a laptop, internet access and a sense of profound bitterness would suggest United's success is the product of cheating.

He'd be better off exploring why Liverpool's marketing department failed to capitalise on the new era of football in the early 90s, why their managers then and ever since have spent large sums on mediocre 'talent', and perhaps then he'll be getting closer to the truth of why Liverpool, at least, haven't won a league title in over 20 years.

Tinfoil Hat

"...and refuse to give bans to Cheik Tiote, Robert Huth and Robin Van Persie for violent incidents.

The last one is particularly strange. "

Because it hasn't happened before....


Dimmy B

Thanks Tin. You sort of make my point for me.

England stars are protected by the FA. Gerrard should have been banned for that elbow, it was his England start status that protected him. He only got a yellow for it IIRC. Ditto Rooney at Wigan (his subsequenet ban for swearing came as a direct result of the media demanding action). Lescot not getting a ban in the same match Balo did summed it up for me.The media went nuts over the Balo stamp and protected the England player, not mentionning it at all.

I have my own opinion why RVP and Huth avoided bans but that's for another day.

Tinfoil Hat

Really Dim, there is absolutely nothing in this, if there was it would have been exposed years ago, bringing down Manchester United would be the sporting story of the century.


Determined to prove anyone who Dares even Question the deliberate Calciopoli style monopoly your corporation - ahem 'club' have clearly arranged for 2 decades now wrong or even that no such monopoly Exists aren't you Joss? You know it wouldn't surprise me at all if you were one of the posters Demanding the Blog writer check refereeing patterns for clubs OTHER than United else? There analysis of ref's & thus any patterns they find? CANNOT be valid as it's not Fair yes? Now he's DONE that?

Despite this? You STILL find something to moan at & fact is? You always Will - stupidly IMO; Clearly you're a Man U' fan & desperate to keep all the inbuilt advantages your underhanded cheat Of a manager & 'club'/corporation have arranged for so long but I'll tell you now? When Ferguson goes? His 'arrangements'? WILL be found out & WHEN That happens? Lance Armstrong & Calciopoli Combined? Will look like picnics by comparism - I wouldn't be surprised if United were then stripped of at Least 6 or 7 of the ill-gotten titles they've Cheated their way to since the so-called 'Premier' League has begun & their name will certainly be blackened & discredited for ever after that as it should have been long since.

Until then? Another year, nothing changes & we all know WHY - that's what you're SO desperate to stop us knowing - Yes Joss? Problem is as I've said? You're To late now - the genie's out the bottle & isn't EVER going back now & when it finally turns On the so-called man who arranged it? It WILL destroy him & his odious arrangements that have benefited only one of the football corporations - sorry 'clubs' in this country (United)for so long & it will destroy them totally for what they've done & rightly so. However? there are obstacles in the way before this can be done to the level it should be & the illness in English Football burned out & excised.

Basically? Manchester United and the Premier League they helped bring into English Football? Have ruined it & damaged long-term the England National team & grassroots football & ONE man is at the heart of all that since it began - Alex Ferguson - The sooner the long-term illness that is United, the Premier League & Ferguson along with his so-called 'influence' & (handpicked) mob of referees are burned out & Excised from The English Game with the complete removal of the power they hold in English Football? The better & The sooner to that our great game can then Finally revert to something like fairness? The better for all English Football. However make no mistake to DO that & return English football to something like competitiveness & what it Should be? The power not just of Alex Ferguson & his 'spheres of influence' (i.e. Allies) amongst Referees & the FA etc but also of the Premier League? Will all HAVE to be completely destroyed & now the countdown has begun & they WILL be. Sooner or later - Mark my words...........


Dim continues to ignore the inconvenient truth that Liverpool’s great chairman John Smith was both a director of the Football League AND on the FA Council in the 1980s. By Dim's logic that is obviously why Liverpool won so many League and League Cup trophies in the 1980s and got so many refereeing decisions in their favour then too.


I can't believe that Man United fans still think having MU CEO sitting as FA vice chairman is not a conflict of interest.

But seriously, if you do not support a single club, and only follow football news, it's clear as day that EPL league is absolutely corrupted. In fact all of those ridiculous calls, and drama, and banter was there for a reason: $$$.

I means if you follow the news, you will know the NFL, American football just got a match when referee got the wrong call, and it was absolutely blasted by the media, even by US president candidates. But the strange thing is, the incident got so many media attentions that it break several viewing record. That is what happens weekly in EPL, creating drama for audiences to suck away the whole league cash. EPL has been no more than a doctored movie, where results may vary here and there, but it will slot right back just as planned in long-term.

And it's not so rosy for MU either, as it gave them a false sense of achievement that they will be great forever. Soon enough, when the turn of power on with no Ferguson in charge to protect their interest, it will be getting harder for FA to keep MU, and that's when they will simply discarded for another club. Or worse the whole thing make public, and Man United get to be the scapegoat. Just like Hillsborough, it will all surface one day

Judi Bola

indeed, financial strength and the players on the field, greatly influence the success of a club

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