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Brilliant piece. Your pathetic retorts are hilarious Mancs......hahahahaha shame, struck a nerve ey?

David Parry

From a journalistic point of view this is deeply flawed and smacks of just another fan who has jumped on the bandwagon of the ABU club.Im not a Man Utd fan but there is no balance to the argument.I could easily come up with a 100 other reasons why the main points have happened but of course when I do the comment will not be posted.


Lets hear them david parry?


John, Ferguson is banned but still has a good seat and indirectly in full control on his team. Haven't you seen him with a phone line making substitutions??


wow.... we all knew united influenced/cheated anyway. how can any united fan read this article and STILL defend their club? You have a CEO on the board of FA and we
9us non reds) wonder how on earth united get away with it EVERY WEEK and EVER YEAR when whatever Fergie says goes. In a way, you united fans know for a fact all this is true, and its sad coz its makes your famous chant "were Man United, we'll do what we want" so, so ironically more true than you could imagine. its ridiculous how you can see it in front of your faces and still not admit it. All us non reds see it, and like the writer says we laugh/shrug it off coz it happens every week!


' Of course, the one league where nothing ever gets proven to be dodgy is in England. The richest and most watched league in the world is, we are told, completely squeaky clean.'

The author seems to forget or is too young to remember Bruce Grobbelar(an ex Liverpool keeper) who was video taped by a journalist exchanging bank notes with somebody in a hotel's room.I also noticed during Mourinho's days in charge of Chelsea the Blue's and the Ref's had the same sponsor's name on their shirts : Emirates, I think.And coincidentally the Blues got the rub of the green on numerous occasions.Chelsea defenders Carvalho and Terry were at times like handballers but the Refs were the only ones on the field who were blind and saw nothing wrong.


This is so true! Hats of to you!


Despite the "bitter" and "deluded" comments posted, you are quite right to voice your concerns. Ferguson and his club want to win at all costs. If that means influencing referees, the media, opponents etc. then so be it. He is not taken to task by the British media about his constant lies and propoganda as if they were to do so they would be banished from the Old Trafford press room and given nothing to feed off forevermore. You are wrong however to suggest that the English public simply dismiss any wrongdoing and that certain clubs and individuals do not have influence within the game. It is the media who brush these things under the carpet and ridicule them to suit their own agendas. The public in general are well aware of such laughable attempts made by Ferguson in his press conferences, for example, to influence the opposition with what the press like to call "his mind games". The reality is that they are pathetic and usually poor efforts to try and gain some sort of mental advantage. However, half witted, lazy journalists and tv pundits call it "genius". I'm not a fan of any Premier League club, so can view the goings on without any bias, but I find Ferguson a loathsome character and the club he manages a classless, arrogant and vulgar institution.


Well i can also add another fail by the referees. 4-3 win against City before 2-3 seasons.. it was 4 minutes extra added but the referee made it 5 and Owen scored in 95:01 !


Typical Liverpool supporter. This sort of thing happens i most prem games, its just highlighted and publicised when its manchester united as they are the biggest club in prem league history, so get your tissues out and dry your eyes. Utd where denied a stonecold pens at weekend v tottenham, most fans of other clubs are just jealous of utds success and want nothing more than to diss it.

Lief Kinhelm

'...2 of the traits that characterize the English the most: a sheer egocentric belief that they are better than anyone else and their complete faith in the country's institutions.'

While I agree on the football side of things, the above line is full-on bollocks.

Kaiba Ruttun

Chris Foy demoted to League 2 after refereeing United v Spurs last week...He will be refereeing his first League Two game since 2006...!

He already back to league two as the was the referee yesterday in the Accrington Stanley v Rochdale.


@ Tool Plamaker...
You seem to have a prepared excuse or explanation for everything?
We have not seen any concerning what happened to Foy or Howard Webb


Is it not possible that the reason why United get the most decisions is because they have been the best team and therefore attack a lot more.

Instead of moaning about conspiracys, sendings off and penalties given have you bothered to see if these decisions were correct or not.

Just another whinging scouser, its never your fault is it?


Can one single person answer why, if United get favourable calls, did they get so few last season?

Debatable Decisions calculates incorrect refereeing calls over a season. If the calls had gone correctly in United's games, they would've won the league last year.


How does this fit in with the conspiracy agenda?

mike in atlanta

there will always be some readers who still believe the sun revolves around the earth. nothing you can do to help them. perhaps you could send them here: http://www.refereedecisions.co.uk/


Yes I well remember the withdrawal of players by Ferguson and his pet poodle Pullis ...Pathetic mean spirited tosser

Dimmy B

Thanks to everyone who read it, shared it and commented on it.
In all honesty, I never expected these posts to get so many hits.
It's, I think, a sign of how much alot of the things I wrote have been festering in people's minds for so long. The exposure my posts have gotten and the excellent points made by some of the people who commented have made me want to research more.
This is too big of a subject to just be abandonned and God knows the media are not going to do it.
I will look at other clubs now, see if there are trends there like United. I hope to get a new post out for you soon. Thank you for your comments and you help.
Dim in Beirut

Dimmy B

I'd like to add something to Man United supporters:

Im a die hard Liverpool fan but I respect your club a great deal.

I think you're a fantastic football club and a great majority of your fans are, like LFC fans, very knowledgeable abt the game.

Some of my very good friends support you lot and it's always very rewarding talking to them about football.

However, I also have alot of respect for Marseille, Juventus and Porto too. I strongly believe influence peddling and corruption happens in English football, like everywhere else and the feedback Im getting from thousands of people from a host of different clubs is that they do to.

I understand why Im getting abuse from some of you. Concurently, thanks to many United fans who have also provided stats on other clubs. I hope to have a new post for you soon.

Dim in Beirut


Ever thought that the reason Webb gets Utd is because he is generally accepted as the best referee in British Football (World Cup 2010 illustrates this). Thus the best teams get the best refs. I don't think this is a crime. Also if he referees more United games he is more likely to give more Utd penalties. Utd also are generally the better side and have more attacks and thus are more likely to have more penalty appeals.

I'm not even a Utd fan (a humble championship supporter) but even I think this is a case of Scouse sour grapes...

Big bad Bob

As a football fan and a statistician I have a few criticisms which I mean to point out not as an attack but as friendly advice because there may be something in this.

Firstly, you state that Howard Webb has awarded 18% of penalties to Manchester United can you please provide context to this stat (what percentage of Manchester United matches he has refereed, average territory in each match, etc)

Secondly, can you provide the data on referees who have given Manchester United decisions how quickly it has taken them to referee matches again?

Thirdly you present your conclusions before the evidence there are 13 paragraphs of examples of corruption in the UK, in different leagues and an example of why Ferguson is bad man before you even present your minimal evidence lacking in context. This means that the article looks prejudiced and if you want journalists to take these accusations of corruption seriously you will have to address .


Look at Mark Halsey just a week ago... after he "won" man utd at anfield, he was on a mission to bring down man city right after that by giving fulham a penalty for a dive.. like Valencia did.. Luckily Dzeko managed to come in and won the game... guess he(halsey) didn't get a "bonus" from fergs...


Maybe after Fergie retires..this might stop..or reduce atleast :/

Vis Naicker

More history to add ... Chelsea vs Man United 28/10/2012 Mark Clattenburg gets his first United game in a year, with gifts ... but we knew that already before the game.


before this season-when was the last time that a
1 L'pool player was sent off at Anfield against United?
2 United were given a penalty at Anfield?
At Old Trafford-Liverpool often get penalties & United have players sent off-
something does not seem right.

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