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It is also worth noting that Mike Jones didn't ref a top flight football match after Newcastle's 1-1 draw with United at Old Trafford last season. Atkinson is also if I remember correctly never reffed a Man United game since the one against Chelsea in 2011 at Stamford Bridge when there were calls for David Luiz to be sent off and he awarded The Blues a penalty converted by Frank Lampard, needs more checking though.


Yes, Atkinson was the ref against Chelsea, and Ferguson was banned after making comments on his performance. Since then Atkinson didn't officiate in United games up until March 2012. Also Atkinson should have been a ref for Liverpool-Man United FA cup game, but was replaced due to illness.


hey! arent you in that Justin Timberlake video......CRY ME A RIVER!

King Brenny

"Wiley, it says cryptically on his Wikipedia page, “agreed to retire” at the end of that season. Agreed with whom? No one knows."

Maybe his bosses, just a thought.


How obsessive

Julie and Chatmaster

We are in total agreement.

Billy the Boozer

This disgrace MUST stop now.


..in addition. The referees no longer allow the Liverpool `keeper to pick the ball up from a back pass.

This was the secret to our success.

Dimmy B

Hahahah. Fantastic to see so many of our Red Issue brethern on here, some of those comments are golden! Dont expect any of you to agree with anything I wrote, but glad to see you here.


It's not on, let's have a boycott, no more wins for Liverpool until it's sorted


Over the past 10 years United who have on average I would guess finished 15 points per season ahead have been been awarded a MASSIVE 5 more penalties and actually had 2 more players sent off when compared to the scouse victims down the road. The truth is out there.... and its definitely someone elses fault.

The Govan Toolmaker

On Alan Wiley: What the ns blog fails to mention regarding Referee Alan Wiley is the following: Alan Wiley was criticised by SAF after a Man U game in 2008: Alan Wiley went on to referee many more United games. Alan Wiley retired NOT as a consequence of the criticism by SAF after the Sunderland game: He retired following fitness concerns by the referees committee after poor refereeing decisions in 2 games involving Arsenal/Stoke and a cup semi final involving Spurs/Portsmouth. He AGREED to become a full time referee coach the following season. Our blogger is selective with the truth.

The Govan Toolmaker

On Mark Clattenburg: He is the 4th official on the Man U Spurs game next week: He has only refereed 2 Premier league games this season. There were not 34 United league games since city beat them in Old Trafford. He has refereed 8 times in the league in Old Trafford but only 4 times in Anfield. He has only refereed 19 premier league games since the Man U Man City game in old Trafford last year.

The Govan Toolmaker

On Jeff Winter: Guess who Jeff Winter refereed in his final game? Yes you have guessed it. Manchester United V Millwall FA Cup final. Jeff Winter is and was regarded by his colleagues to have a high opinion of himself, is a sectarian bigot and has had his own website removed and was questioned by the police regarding posting anti catholic sectarian opinions on his personal website. An egoist referee. The blog title is "the truth is out there" he is right it is out there if you look for it. He has not looked for the truth. Its just the biased opinions of a bitter Liverpool fan.


Murdoch is the key in all this, bskyb were losing a lot of money before the premier league came along, he hates Liverpool for obvious reasons (according to Thatcher's private secretary he'd be in Downing street at least once a day whilst the old bitch was in power) he obviously owned a large-ish stake in muplc and would later try to buy them outright.

Follow match fixers and you'll get match fixers, follow money and you'll find all kinds of shit.

After a challenge was brought to contest the formation of the premier league In 1990 a judge declared the fa to be 'beyond judicial review' (above the law to you and me, http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/dec/21/luis-suarez-liverpool-appeal-options). Why? What possible reason could there be to declare a private company above the law?

The FA is an unregulated, suprajudicial multi billion pound business, on that basis alone there is absolutely zero reason to assume it's on the level but even if nothing is going on, surely everything we've seen over the last twenty years would warrant some kind of investigation?

We've been here before with the English media of course,
Don Revie, a manager pretty much everyone knew was fixing matches was lauded by the media.


Hahahaha, this is utterly laughable! I'm a Norwich fan but by god the delusion levels are sky high here. Ferguson often gets banned by the FA for his comments, what's he doing that for if he's in control?! Hahahaha.


Lynton, your "joke" is as old as that song.


The paranoia is hilarious


What a bitter writer!....


Very interesting ans good to see figures to confirm what many suspected over the years.
You forgot to mention the fact that man united has played more injury time than any other side. Ave of 170 seconds when ahead and 260seconds when behind.

Fergie is the don of the EPL.


Well the sceptical should watch closer. How United fouls are ingored and any other team players would easily get yellow/red/penalty kicks...Just keep an open mind and watch. But not all referees are influenced...Some are very fair.


Fergie time is something that cannot be properly policed because refs have a certain amount discretion on it.
Outright fouls and cards can be reviewed. So thats why they get so much extra time.

Martin M.

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.”


No mention of the fact that David Dein (ex-arsenal) was once vice chairman, that Phil Gartside, Bolton Chairman (current board member of the FA), that Brian Barwick (lifelong Liverpool fan) was once FA CEO. Of course it is not as trendy to point these facts for the ABU brigade.

Mr S

If you look at the viewing figures for the Premier League in Asia, then look at the most supported club in Asia, you'll notice an interesting link. Manchester United are the biggest brand that the Premier League 'sell'. Ensuring their best selling 'product', continues to be successful is in both United and the Premier Leagues best interests. If United were to fold tomorrow through the Glazers ownership, the Premier League would be buggered.

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