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Ok... this is the funniest article, I can’t stop laughing!!!! Your parents seem like tech geniuses to me (come on, your Dad has a 'song library'). My Mom (not long ago) told me she read an article in the newspaper and that I should read it online. While giving me the page address, she said “www ... be careful when you write it down, there are 3 w, not 4.”
No comment :)

Dimmy B

Hahah!! Yeah he has a song library. Well, he has a son that made him a song library... And don't get me started on little girl Capdevielle who wanted to attach photos to her email last week and didnt know how ;)

Account Deleted

thats the typical parents.... i blame myself for introducing the hotmail not so while ago to my mom... now my inbox gets spammed with forwards (ohh gosh!!!!)
and hilarious questions are asked always abt smthg here something there... (no comment)
btw funny thing...reminded me of you teaching a person a few months ago abt googling on blackberry as well.. :P lolll :))

Dimmy B

Mine are banned from forwarding me anything! I was getting 12 a day!
And yeah, I remember helping you. Can't believe there's people worse than me in these matters, but evidently there are ;)

Dimmy B

By the way... My aunt this morning was laughing at this article and my parents. Then she asked me "how do I bookmark your blog"... It's a family epidemic...

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